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Flavorful but not hot, hand torn, toasted and ground ancho, guajillo, pasilla, arbol, whole ground cumin, coriander, allspice, mustard, and cinnamon, with paprika, garlic, oregano, and turmeric. SALT FREE.  

Make your chili stand out (I've won awards at chili cook-off’s with this stuff!) or use in any recipe that calls for chili powder. Complete blend means you can skip all the other “extra” spices. delicious in red, green, and white chilis.

Authentic flavor for Mexican soups like posole, birria and menudo, enchilada and adovada sauces, and moles.

Sprinkle liberally on burgers or steaks before grilling to add rich, deep flavor.

Sprinkle on corn on the cob before grilling for a delicious summer treat.

Stir into guacamole and fire roasted salsas. 

Toss cubed root vegetables parsnips, beets, rutabega, and sweet potatoes with winter squash and a little oil, and season liberally with GRIND® and salt to taste. Roast in a medium oven (or grill in a foil packet) until tender.

Cut fresh corn tortillas into wedges, spray lightly with cooking oil and sprinkle with a little salt and GRIND®. Bake 7-10 minutes at 375 until lightly browned and crispy.