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Classic Spanish Basque-style blend celebrates the pimenton of the region and complements seafood, vegetables, as well as meats. Contains Spanish smoked paprika, sundried tomato, onion, garlic, smoked sea salt, oregano, celery seed, coriander, fennel, and cayenne.

Rub on meats before grilling or roasting.

Season sautéed vegetables, mirapoix, and sofritoes for soups and stews.

Sauté with rice, pasta, or other grains for paella, risotto, and fideua.

Toast or roast nuts with a little butter and a generous sprinkle of SMOKE®; makes a fast, easy, and delicious appetizer or salad topper. Add other crunchy items like cereal, crackers, and pretzels for a smoky take on the famous snack mix.

Delicious on popcorn.